Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Prison Break

Prison Break

After I finished watching 24, I gave Prison Break a chance as someone recommended it to me. Impression? I found the first few episodes to be quite boring. But because tactical scenes are among my interests, I held on and waited until the succeeding epsisodes were slowly being digested by my system. Later on, I found myself engrossed viewing the Series, especially the Second Season.

As of the moment, I am through with Seasons 1-4. Admittedly, Prison Break is also a good TV Series. What made me like Prison Break more is Sarah Wayne Callies' appearances as the lovely Dr. Sara Tancredi (too bad, she did not appear in Season 3).

Although different in concept, Prison Break is as entertaining and as thrilling as 24. Nonetheless, I still like 24 better not just because Elisha Cuthbert is part of the cast but I can relate more to the lessons imparted by it as well.


Sunday, December 14, 2008

24 (TV Series) Part 2

I just finished watching 24, Seasons 1-6. I have spent most of my leisure time lying on bed, eyes on the monitor, and watch the events unfold on the part of the good, the bad, and the reality. It was really worth it to devote over a hundred hours of my life to this kind of craft. Two thumbs up!

There are so many things to learn from the Series but these are the ones that struck me the most:
That it pays to be candid or straightforward at times rather than being sensitive.

That when you say alright, sorry, be careful and promise, be sure to really, really mean it.

That family and loved ones should not always come first.

That when faced by a fork in the road, consider all the options (weigh the pros and cons), and after coming up with a decision, stand by it no matter what.

That maintaining friendship and living its truest essence isn't a walk in the park.

That sacrificing one good thing for a better something is essential and indispensable.

And that trust can be used interchangeably with love.

I was skeptical when I was told that Prison Break is better than 24. Well, I remain to be such until I prove it otherwise. So if anyone of you is willing to lend or hand me a copy, it will surely be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Synergizers, Not Good Enough For The Finals But

..we are definitely goood enough to bag the Runner Up!

With our loss over the Wild Buddies, (yeah! for the second time; and I thought we will make them pay! arghh. ok, enough; I sound too bitter already. eheh.) our opportunity to play in the Finals slipped away. So, we end up playing against Legacy B for the Battle for Third earlier tonight, which obviously, turned in our favor.

However, bagging such a win was not as easy as stealing candy from a baby. The game had a suspense-thriller ending but I don't feel like narrating blow by blow what happened so I'll be summarizing it in this statement: One's failure could be another's success. Yeah, our team's better because they were not good enough to be on top of us.

Congratulations to us! Yahoo!

Will there be a Third Season? I hope so.


Thursday, December 4, 2008

24 (TV Series)

When I realized that I still can't get enough of Elisha Cuthbert even after watching most of her flicks, I decided to look for a 24 (TV Series) copy. I tried to do some downloading but alas, it will take a couple of months before the process can be completed; so, I forewent of the idea.

24 (TV Series)

Good thing, I learned that Julian, has this DVD collection of 24. And because Peach, the first one to borrow the DVD, found the pace of the episodes a bit slow and boring, she decided to turn it over to me instead.

As for me, since my primary intention was merely to see more of Elisha, I anticipated that I will enjoy the scenes without her. To my surprise, 24 is certainly more than Kim Bauer. It is not just your typical feel-good TV show as it will literally put you at the edge of your seat (as it did to me), keenly waiting and thinking what will happen next. This suspense-thriller show is definitely worth spending your spare time with, and having Elisha as one of the main characters, what more can you ask for?

I already finished watching Season 1 (roughly 16-17 hours in total) and I must say, the twists and subplots are positively unpredictable. Can't wait to start the marathon for Season 2.