Friday, July 24, 2009

One Is Glad To Be Of Service

While browsing boob tube channels last night, I was able to chance upon the movie Bicentennial Man starring the great actor, Robin Williams.

Bicentennial Man

Though I have to hit my bed early since I need to beat sunrise today, I didn't mind letting the time pass by just to watch the flick again. As the night grew older, it was only then that I realized that this 10-year old movie is so far one the best movies (if not the best) I have seen so far - smart, funny, lovely and above all, touching. If you haven't seen this movie yet, you are definitely missing something.


It's a proven fact that if you are excited about something, you will have a hard time sleeping and you'll be awake way ahead before your clock alarms. It took me 30 minutes before I could doze off and here I am, striking the keyboard at 3:14 in the morning. I fear I'd fall asleep in the middle of my 2-hour drive to Naga City (I hope and pray not!) to deal with a first-time experience. Will surely have a post about it later. Eheh.


I didn't fall asleep nor felt sleepy during my travel. Judge Valentin Pura was on leave though, so there was no hearing. Sayang! Eheh. Perhaps, next time. Instead, went to visit SM Naga City for the second time, and CWC for the third time. Thanks Pipay for the company and great 'assistance'. Hahaha. :p