Thursday, April 24, 2008

Blog + Blogger + Blogging = Blogosphere.

Coined from the words web log, a blog is a website that is regularly maintained by an individual (usually) or by a group. It features an assortment of text (personal journal, commentary, description of events, advertisements), images, web links, web pages and other stuff such as graphics, audios and videos that have (or have even nothing) to do with the blog topic or theme. Depending upon the focus, most blogs are updated by textual posts or entries, or by art (artlog), photos (photoblog), sketches (sketch blog), videos (vlog), music (MP3 blog), audio (podcasting) and others. Blogs also come in different genres to wit: personal, topical, political, business, health, literary, travel, research, legal, and educational. The act of updating posts or entries is called “blogging”, the one that does the blogging is called a “blogger”, and the world of weblogging or blog-related websites is being referred to as the “blogosphere”.


As for this site, it is going to be more of a personal and topical blog. It will basically feature bits and pieces about law, reason, love, faith, life and anything in between. Images/photos, audios/MP3, videos and whatnots will also be added for delight and convenience purposes.

The posts or entries here are primarily intended for self-expression, but if they happen to impress you then that will just be the cherry on top. For one frustrated seasonal writer like me (please correct me if this is just a misconception on my part), putting up this blog is kind of hard. Not until nature forced me to learn and know anything about blogs and blogging, I had no any idea what it was about. As of the moment, I still need to learn a LOT; I’m just a neophyte in the blogosphere, as what my very, very beautiful and kind colleague called it. Well, like life, blogging is also best learned through experiences. So, here I am now – blogging my own way.