Thursday, September 25, 2008

What's Up With Me Now?

It has been a while since the last time I blogged; been running out of idea what to write. As expected, the thought of not writing anything here days after my last post bothers me. The not-to-let-five-days-pass-without-posting-anything rule is really getting into my nerves. Sigh! Instead of relieving myself from stress with this online journal, it became the other way around. This has been the scenario since I had this blog rolling. And the editing thing? To hell with it. I'm not out here to impress people but simply to express myself (I'm being reminded!). Thanks Peach though. Always a pleasure sharing my blog works with you. Until next time.

Anyway, things change. From now on, this journal would just have to wait for my attention. It will subdue me no more; it will serve me rather! Eheh.

And for the what's up with me now? question, here it goes:

First, I have been nursing colds and cough for more than a week now. I started with a rest-and-water therapy but I didn't get better so I resulted to trying the next best thing - taking medicine. Solmux's double-action property as being advertised, which I find to be a convincing one, seems to be futile with my case. The last resort? Antibiotic co-trimoxazole. If I still don't get well with this, time for lung-check. Might got some mycobacterial infection. I pray not!

Second, I am terribly stressed by the school term papers. Being a certified procrastinator, I expect the work to just pile up, and guess what? It did. Yahoo! One has been long due but still lying on top of my table, unfinished. Two more are due this week but still remain untouched. Tsk tsk. I wish the semester is over now so I can finally clean my mind with these stress-causing projects. Sigh!

Third, I have been hooked with the phBar forum - an absolutely wonderful site. Not only do I learn lots of stuff concerning BarEx and other legal matters, I also gained an instant cyber-family. This community is truly a blessing.

And lastly, the BarEx mania is down to its final stretch. This coming Sunday will be the last day of battle for my friends and classmates who are courageously attempting to slay the mighty dragon. I am hoping and praying that they all emerge as victors. *Hang on there buddies! One hack more and the beast will go to rest, for good.*

Well, I better get my ass moving now. Have to finish my term papers before it's too late.


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Profitable Servant

Years have passed since I was called into a renewal,
To accept and know Christ more in a way that is personal.

I’ve rejoiced, felt being changed and really gone out of my way
because He has touched me and healed all my dismay.

In my great delight, serving Him seems to be a good payment,
And maybe, in one way or another, a very good investment.

And so I focused myself in becoming a servant in His name,
Taking everything away including my shame.

Little did I notice, my passion for service started to grow,
Sharing the blessings I have to the less fortunate people I know.

I felt good, felt differently,
To these people, I have built camaraderie and became friendly.

Admiration came that entailed bragging my own,
Putting everything aside for my all to be shown.

To everyone, I’ve became known
For I have disregarded my family, even my studies I have thrown.

I exerted effort in showing and giving more,
Until I’ve become rotten and selfish to my very core.

For I have thought of doing more, and even my best,
Making everything at my very own hands be at rest.

I’ve became a man of service, believing that I was good,
Instead of being a man of God, leaving everything to Him for good.

I focused in strengthening the service that sustained me,
Serving so many people but not the One above me.

Soon I became a loser, because all my work to Him I didn’t offer.
For service did I thought was all that matter!

~ 3:58 am ; 11-12-03

This is also one of the literary works God inspired me to come up with during my YFC days. Truly, He works in mysterious ways.

To God be the glory.


Saturday, September 6, 2008


YFC STaB Shouters '04

aibigan, kapatid, kasurog kung tawagin
Binubuklod ng iisang puso’t panalangin
Bawat isa’y aalagaan at mamahalin
At si Kristo ang bantayog at tanging didinggin.

At kung puso ang iyong susurii’t titingnan
Purong pagmamahal, walang halong kaplastikan
Sa lungkot man o hirap, maging sa kasiyahan
Laging nariyan at t’yak na hindi ka iiwan.

Sa pag-ikot ng mundo’t paglipas ng panahon
Maraming trabaho’t pagsubok ang naghahamon
Na sa bawat lubak, pipiliting makaahon
Para maging matatag sa gagawing paglingon.

Upang lalong mapagtibay ang pagsasamahan
Iba muna bago ang sariling kapakanan
Simbolo ng isang tunay na pagbibigayan
Na kahit sinong tao ay kayang patunayan.

Respeto, pag-uunawa’t tanging pagmamahal
Ang sa bawat nilalang ang s’yang pinapairal
Maging sa taong may pusong sing-tigas ng bakal
Dahil t’yak na lalambot din ito pag-tumagal.

Ordinaryong tao ngunit hindi sumusuko
Dahil ang pagsuko sagisag ng pagkatalo
Pagkatalo sa mga labang ipinangako
Laban para sa katarungan at pagbabago.

Gulong ng buhay ay kay hirap maunawaan
Ngunit kung si Kristo ang ating pinaglalaban
Kailanga’y pusong lubos na naninindigan
At mga kasurog na ating masasandalan.

While going over some of my files, I saw this one. I wrote this tula (tagalog poem) way back in 2004; just a couple of weeks after our CFC - YFC STaB SHouT (Couples For Christ - Youth For Christ Southern Tagalog and Bicol Summer House Training) in Camarines Norte. I was a very active member of YFC Albay then. I was really moved by the experience I got from that activity, inspiring me to come up with this literary stuff.

To God be the glory.


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Magayon Carwashed D' Chef's Matadors

We did our best but I guess our best wasn't good enough.

D' Chef's Matadors[Deadlock situation with eight seconds remaining on the clock.] A flashing coast-to-coast lay-up drive by Kuya Choy of the Magayon Carwash team blew our much awaited victory celebration away. Although a bit disappointed, we enjoyed the good game tonight. Everyone had fun and sweat really hard. Going to the finals and reaching a do-or-die Game 3 is defnitely not bad. After all, there is nothing at stake whether we win or lose. Sour graping? Perhaps. Eheh. Well, better luck next time.

To all those who played for the team, especially Fire & Ice, Air France and Yoy, sorry guys, we didn't make it.

The MaskWhat's next?
How about another sports/game?
Hmm.. Airsoft, anyone? Eheh.


Monday, September 1, 2008

September: A -Ber and Bar Month

SeptemBER & SeptemBAR
The 1st day of this month traditionally opens the Advent season here in the Philippines. The moment the -ber month sets in, decors, cards, carols, foods and anything related to the Yuletide season also begin to grow everywhere like mushrooms. Celebrating Christmas season the Filipino way is said to be the longest (starts as early as September 1 and ends as late as January 31), the merriest and the most vivid around the globe. But while September marks the opening of the five-month celebration of the Advent season for most Filipinos, bar candidates see it otherwise. Not only is September a –Ber month but it is also a Bar month, the dreaded Philippine Bar Examination that is.

After 4 or 5 years of studying Law and 5 to 6 months of intensive review, thousands of bar hopefuls face the toughest professional licensure examination in the country every year. Covering seven hours of each of the four Sundays of September, the examinees squeeze their brains out and storm heaven’s gate with prayers in order to, as much as possible, answer logically the series of questions according to the examiner's fancy provisions of the law for eight different bar subjects (two subjects for each Sunday; one in the morning and one in the afternoon) while staying sane all throughout.

Today, my classmates and friends are a week shy from the first day of the 2008 Bar Exam. I am praying hard that their hard work and sacrifice be rewarded and eventually get what they truly deserve. I am crossing my fingers that they all hurdle the bar with flying colors.

Special regards to Mi, Jude, Dhet, Arl, Anie, Mitch, Joe, Ate Kay, Ate Kaka, Ate Donnah, Ate Myr, Ate Ivy, Ate Vivian, Ate Vilma, Ate Annie Marie, Ate Joy, Ate Rotch, Hadj, and Yen – my soon to be Lawyers.

..“It shall be done to you according to your faith."
Matthew 9:29

God bless to all my friends and schoolmates who are going to take the forthcoming Bar Examination and wishing everyone a spirit-filled Christmas season.

St. Jude, pray for us!